Botticelli's Three Graces - WIP

This is one of my ambitious works! That is for sure...Right now I am in a phase where I want to know what painting technique works best for me. So I started to experiment with different painting methods that I am interested in.
I wanted to do a part of Botticelli's  "La Primavera" and  I choose The Three Graces.

In this post I shall be telling you about my composition and the painting method I followed.
The background of my painting is a collage of two of Raphael's paintings, with the Three Graces.

The background and colours are inspired from the above two paintings.

The method I followed is one interpretation of the Old Master Painting methods and can be found in 

I have to tell you before hand that I have not followed the steps mentioned in the above link sequentially. I mixed yellow ochre and a tiny bit of black acrylic paints and used that colour to cover the white of the canvas(don't know why I did that!.). But since I had covered my canvas with dark yellow ochre-ish colour, I thought I'll just continue with the steps mentioned in the link.Then I drew the figures and used burnt umber to place the shadow areas. After this I did the scumbling with titanium white. While doing this I also painted the background almost to completion.

Will continue talking more about this in my next post...

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