Starter kit - Lino Printing

Recently I started with Lino printing or Lino cuts and thought I'd share what I have learnt so far and all the materials needed for Lino printing. Firstly, let me just say I got most of my materials from eBay- its relatively cheap and I get it at my door-step! Other than that I got a few Lino pieces from Atlantis art materials (a huge art supply store).

 Now for the things needed to start with Lino printing:

1.) Lino sheets - there are different types of lino sheets available. I have two types so far, the dark greyish blue one got from eBay and the lighter grey one i got from Atlantis art store. Of the two the dark lino is softer and i have used that so far and like it! Soon will have a design for the light grey one (which is harder but i think it should be ok) and will post how it it is. Also they are available in different sizes for you to choose from.

2.) Lino Cutters - there are different kinds of blade and then the blade handle. I got a set of 5 blades and 1 handle again from eBay! Well they are quite enough but i got irritated changing the blades often while carving a design so got an extra handle and loads of different blades from Atlantis. They are pretty cheap and i feel its nice to have spares....i got three No 1 blades as i use these to make fine lines...

 3.) Ink or block printing paints - i got black, blue and crimson Daler Rowney block printing colour, which are water based colour and easy to wash off!
Then there is the oil based colour, i got a tin to see how it works. Well these are water miscible so they can be washed with warm water and dish wash liquid but its messy and difficult and like me if you are printing at your home be careful when washing!

Both give really nice results but with the oil based colour i feel the print is a tiny bit better so worth all the mess..

 4.) Rollers - i got these from eBay as well. You would need 2 rollers one to roll the paint and other to roll over the paper so the paint transfers evenly while printing from the lino cut. The one rolled on paper is called hand burnisher and you get it as a set with the roller and blades and handle. But i just use a larger roller.
5.) Glass plate or tiles - to put the paint and roll them. 
6.) Paper - i use all kinds of paper! from hand made paper to cartridge paper...its fun to experiment.

Hmmmm.........I think i have covered everything here...happy printing  :)

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