pour and cling

As the title suggests its just as simple as that...this was my first work in my art class. The first one as instructed i used the primary oil colours and used the cling film to create textures.The second and the third was me in an experimenting and a daring mood!!..i used acrylics and really like the textures i got. As for the fates of these three works -
I used the first one to work a seascape into the already created texture.Just used darker shades of blue and white to get the waves and water splash.And left the top most part of blue, green (blue + yellow mixed when i put the cling film) and the yellow as the shades for sky.The red bits i created shadows with a dark shade of blue + red (and little black) and they became the rocks.

The second one was the brightly mixed vermilion + yellow, yellow ochre,blue and black.I just like it the way it is with all the twists and turns.It looks like a modern art.

The favorite third...what can i say i loovvee it.It all just came right the shades,the shadows and the lines creating the texture.When i see it all i think of is a stormy sky and the sea splashing wildly and i even found the perfect reference pic for the painting in www.wetcanvas.com. Hopefully will start this painting soon but not just yet.

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